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Meco 95mm UV Filter



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  • Description

    • MECO filters are manufactured using hard surface coating technology.
    • Reduces haziness or fogginess created by Ultraviolet light.
    • Lens protector, water repellent, scratch resistance and reflection reduction.
    • The MECO UV filter blocks the unwanted Ultraviolet rays contained in sunlight.
    • Filtering below 350 nm UV light enhances the quality of photo imaging.
    • The hard surface coating technology provides three times the surface hardness.
    • The light transmission rate is increased by 10%.
    • The result is an average light transmission of over 99% providing sharp contrast and well- balanced color.
    • The double-sided, 14 layers professional coating technology protects your valuable lens from dust, moisture, scratches and breakage, which can lead to costly repairs.
    • The MECO UV filter is absolutely colorless and highly transparent with extremely low reflectivity.