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Godox S-Type Bracket For Bowens Mount

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    Adjustable to fit most speedlites, the Godox S-Type Speedlite Bracket for Bowens lets you to maximize the potential of your on-camera flash while allowing you to use Bowens accessories. The bracket supports your flash either vertically or horizontally, employing non-scratching, light pressure rather than touch-fasteners or tape. Light modifiers such as reflectors, softboxes, and snoots mount to the front of the bracket as they would on a Bowens flash head. The bracket tilts nearly 180 degrees and has a 5/8\" receiver for stand mounting.

    • Maximize Flash w/ Bowens Accessories
    • Tilting Bracket with 5/8\" Receiver
    • Non-Scratch Mounting w/o Touch-Fasteners
    • No pre-assembly or post disassembly
    • Mount speedlite vertically or horizontally
    • Mounts with light pressure - no touc...
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  • specifications

    • Mount

      5/8 (16 mm) receiver

    • Dimensions

      8.6 x 6.0 x 2.2 (22 x 15 x 5.5 cm)

    • Weight

      410 g

    • Package Weight

      526 GMS

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  • Features

    Godox S-type Bracket -

    Godox S-Type Bracket Bowens Mount Holder with 20 Pieces Gel Light Filter for Speedlite Flash Snoot Softbox Honeycomb.

    Sophisticated Design:

    Bowens Mount design facilitates most studio flash accessories

    Unique Speedlite Mounting Way:

    Mounted horizontally or vertically by wrapping Speedlite body

    Umbrella input hole:

    Umbrella input hole is available

    Mount size:

    Mount size is adjustable to fit all brands of speedlites and even Godox AD-360

    High Adaptability:

    The Bracket can be used with a variety of photographic accessories, such as Bowens-mount softbox, Snoot, Barndoor kit, Beauty dish, Reflector, Photography umbrella.

    Support Multi-Angle Adjustment:

    The rotating shaft supports adjusting the flash angle to fill the light in different directions.

    Multi -Functional:

    L-Type Bowens + T-Type Bowens + L-Type Speed Ring + T-Type Speed Ring

    Fit all brands of speedlites or barebulb flashes:

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