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SJCAM SJ8PRO Action Cameras

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The SJCAM SJ8PRO is a Dual-Screen Action Camera that is capable of natively recording astoundingly ultra-crisp 4K videos at 60 FPS. It uses a 6-Axis Gyro EIS to electronically stabilize up to 4K @30 FPSvideos for a much-smoother playback. As a high-end video recording device, it puts together all the best features available today, challenging everything that the competition has, all at a pocket-friendly price. Other than 4K recording, the 7-layer glass lens coupled with a high-end sensor makes for having one of the best image outputs in the SJCAM line of cameras. Its User Interface is intuitive, well thought-out and is highly responsive on the SJ8PRO’s extra-large 2.33-inch OLED IPS (In-Plane Switching) Touchscreen Display that doesn’t shift colors when viewed at different angles even in broad daylight. Options to change from fish-eye effect to flat is available via Distortion correction, and when paired with the mobile app SJCAM Zone, one can extend its capabilities and even do Live-streaming videos. The Full Set comes with a 30M waterproof housing, allowing you to dive down to 30 meters underwater for capturing marine life, or just to protect the camera from everyday use.

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See the miraculous workof Ambarella processor and SonySensor IMX377 combined.

Clean imageeven after 8x magnification


For more professional cinematic recordingattache them together. Your footages will not

only be smoothed and stabilized, but also longer!Thanks to gimbals’ charging capability.


USB Type-C 40MB/S SJ8 Series Action Camera utilizes reversible USBType-C connector which brings great convenience for users. Fastertransfer rate up to 40Mb/s, much faster than all previous models.Can also charge other peripherals.

7G 170º FOV

7 layers of glass lens(including 2 layers of Asperic lens)allows for a distortion-free, highresolution, 170-degree Field Of View,perfect for capturing everything thatis in front of the camera withabsolutely crisp and vibrant detail.




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